The Social Media Master Class is an eight-module video course that will teach you and your team how to leverage the massive opportunity that social media provides your practice. With over 65 videos, you will learn everything from account setup basics and content strategy, to posting best-practices and advanced advertising. This will help you grow your following, reach your audience and build your brand.



Module 1

Introduction to Social Media

Choosing Social Media Platforms

Module 2

Implementing Social Media Platforms

Module 3

Module 4

Establishing Social Media Messaging

Join the Social Media Mastermind

Private Facebook group access

Support from the Steep team and Mastermind community

Weekly curated content that is compliance-reviewed

Monthly and weekly templated post ideas/concepts

Graphic design and image templates for your posts

Monthly group calls reviewing performance and trends 

Priority enrollment to any in-person social media bootcamps 

Retargeting pixel install and custom audience assistance

Social Media       Master Class

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Jonathan Musgrave

Jonathan Musgrave will be your guide through the Social Media Master Class and has specialized in marketing for advisors for the past 13 years. He founded Steep in 2017 with the goal of making digital marketing accessible to everyone. He has had the opportunity to design and build a variety of digital marketing systems ranging from scalable seminar programs to fully automated conversion funnels. 

Jonathan has a reputation for being a talented copywriter, creative problem solver and highly experienced social advertiser. Outside of work, you can find him and his wife Ruth enjoying many of the things that make Colorado a great place to call home like snowboarding, mountain biking or exploring new hiking trails.

Jonathan Musgrave

Creating Social Media Content Strategy

Module 5

Module 6

Managing Social Media Communities

Tracking Social Media Analytics

Module 7

Module 8

Implementing Advanced Social Media Strategies

Get a crash course in modern social media management, set up actionable social media goals, and create a client avatar so your social posts always hit their mark.

Assess the current state of your social media, and the social platforms every financial advisors needs now to remain relevant.

Find out how to set up and optimize your profiles to convert, and the critical apps you need to manage your account like a pro.

Uncover your WHY, and how to use the science of storytelling to create value-stuffed content that hooks and engages your audience.

Learn the exact content you should post throughout the client journey, and best practices for what, when, and how you post to your social pages.

Discover how to engage your audience to multiply how many people you reach, and how to moderate your page.

Source the key metrics that will reveal which content your audience loves, and use it to create even more compelling content your community can’t help but share.

Learn how to “hack” the Facebook Algorithm to prioritize your content in the News Feed, tactics to boost your follower count, and 7 ad audiences you can’t live without.

If you’re looking to take your Social Media to the next level, or you just want more support, the Social Media Mastermind is for you! In this private group, you’ll get support from the pros at Steep, access to monthly trainings, compliance reviewed social posts and more! Think of this as the easy-button for making social media work in your practice.

What’s included:










Organic brand social media is like word of mouth:
You have to create such a remarkable experience that people can’t help but share it with their friends.

Matthew Kobach

Are my clients even using social media?

How does social media work with compliance?

If I do the Master Class do I need the Mastermind?

Is this for me if I already do social media?

What do I say in my posts if I’m unsure?

What is audience building with social media?

Why is account setup important?

The Social Media Master Class for Financial Advisors comes with an accompanying workbook jam-packed with actionable exercises to help you every step of the way. You can download it or print it out, and work through each exercise at your own pace. 

The goal of social marketing is to get people to know, like, and trust you. We’ve laid out how your social media strategy should flow, so that it’s easy for you to create content that builds awareness, initiates engagement, and converts prospects into raving fans.

Your next client is more likely to find you on social media than any other way


Access every module and lesson inside our easy-to-navigate course portal. Keep track of your progress, and follow along with each video by completing the exercises inside the downloadable course workbook.

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Want to access even more Social Media knowledge and insights?

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