As soon as you get a taste of the great response we're going to generate for you, your top concern is going to be understanding how you can protect your market so you can keep marketing with us for years to come. This page is intended to help you understand how we will treat your marketing request. 

Request a Marketing Zone

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Let us know if you have any additional information that would help with the marketing zone research! 

Main Contact: This is the name and email address of the person in your office who we will correspond with on marketing zone approval 

 Marketing Zone Request

Understand How To Manage Your Market

Example: Women's Retirement Roadmap; Retire Wiser

  • We will not market the same campaign in the same market at the same time. 

  • Once your seminar takes place, you have rights to that same marketing zone for 45 days (campaign date one to campaign date two). 

  • There is a separate zone for each seminar type. For example if there were 2 seminar programs available, each marketing zone could be used separately for each of the 2 seminar topics.

  • If you rescheduled another seminar with dates 45 days from the previous campaign, you maintain control of your marketing zone. If your second campaign date is sooner than 45 days apart, we cannot guarantee the second campaign's performance to help avoid over-saturation. If the second campaign's dates are past 45 days, you are at risk of losing that zone to someone else. 

  • There is a 5 day grace period before and after the 45 day requirement (essentially making it a 40-50 day window). 

  • In order to schedule a second seminar campaign within your 45 day window, you will need to submit that order approximately 7-14 days after the first seminar campaign occurs. 

  • Once your marketing zone request is approved, you can submit an order through our online order system. Your approval is good for 7 days from when we send it to you. In order to retain the approval for your territory, the seminar dates cannot be more than 6 weeks from the order date (ex: you could not submit your first order in February with event dates in July). 

Understanding Seminar Marketing Zones

***Please Note - this is NOT an order form***

Office zip code will be used to build marketing radius.