This app and the program branding are owned by Steep

We will send you login information to test and launch your webinar, but the application itself is owned by Steep. Your access will start and stop with plenty of time for you to test and host your webinar, but once your campaign concludes, you will not be able to access this application.

The reason we create, build and maintain your Easy Webinar application is to enhance the experience of your Steep webinar campaigns. Because of this, we ask that you not create any events in the webinar app and you limit your use of the app to only webinars associated with a paid Steep webinar campaign. Any events created in the app will be deleted.

The marketing brands used for your campaign, as well as their associated PowerPoint presentation, are the intellectual property of Steep Digital Marketing and may not be reused outside of a paid marketing campaign with Steep either in a live presentation or as a recording.

Easy Webinar


We will maintain your Easy Webinar application as long as you’re an active client with Steep. If you do not order a new webinar within 3 weeks from your last webinar, the account will be closed. This will remove the recordings and analytics from the account and is not recoverable. We will, at our discretion, retain video recordings of your webinar for future use.

DO NOT change anything

Your Steep marketing team has prepared your webinar event in your application and has proofed it to ensure that it is set up properly. If you make changes to your event, you can cause irreversible problems. You are acknowledging that the application is in good order and accept responsibility for any problems caused by changes you make.

Training and information

You will receive a Google Sheet roster to view your webinar registrants when your campaign launches. Be sure to click the INFO tab at the bottom of the sheet to see additional resources we have provided (webinar coaching video, webinar technical training video, pre-webinar checklist, etc). This sheet is automatically updated after your webinar concludes allowing you to check attendance information. Each event will have its own tab for registration information.

About your TEST webinar campaign

Once you have logged into your application, if you are running a live webinar, it’s possible you will see TWO webinars in your account. Always test in the TEST webinar. Do not launch the live webinar until you are ready to go live for your actual scheduled webinar. Watch the Steep Webinar Technical Training Video and reference the included documentation if you have any questions.

Switching between Live and On Demand

It’s important that you hold your webinar in the same format as you order it, whether live or on demand. It is possible to switch a campaign from live to on demand mid-campaign, but it is not recommended. If you choose to change your campaign while it is running, we cannot accept responsibilities for any issues.

Technical issues

Steep has no liability, financial or otherwise, for technical issues outside our control. These include, but are not limited to, technical issues from your end or from Easy Webinar.

Your responsibility

Video Edits: Our team is not able to edit your video for you. If the recorded webinar requires changes, you are allowed to download, edit and provide us a link to an edited version, but video edits are not part of our provided webinar services.

Video Hosting: We cannot host your video for you. If you wish to use a You Tube, Vimeo or Wistia video for your webinar, you are responsible to send a playable, non-password protected link to your video on one of the compatible video platforms.

Webinar Calls-to-Action: We can create up to 3 Calls to Action (CTAs) for your recorded webinar, but we cannot surpass this number. Please keep this in mind when recording your webinar and working with our team to design your campaign.

PDF Hosting: If you wish to offer a download to your webinar attendees, you will be responsible for hosting that PDF online. We’re unable to publish your PDF online and create a link for it, but we’re happy to include a link to a PDF that you host yourself.

Revisions: If you have any changes that are required to your webinar, we will make 2 rounds of revisions to it to ensure that it looks the way you want. Please give us all your changes up front so we can get everything completed within the 2-revision limit. 

Webinar Application Setup Terms & Acknowledgement

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